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Microdosing Resources and Information

Here you will find news articles, studies, and other educational resources to help you better understand microdosing.

This is a compiled list of medications and supplements that are safe to take while microdosing. This list was created by Dr James Fadiman. 

In this article you will learn how to combine breathwork with microdosing in order to enhance the therapeutic benefits of your microdosing practice.

An article written in 2021 by Andrea Rice published on PsychCentral. This article describes the positive effects of microdosing on mental health, and references recent research. 

This study explores microdosing practices, motivation, and mental health among an 8000 person sample of self-selected microdosers, and non microdosers.

This article highlights two microdosing trials in which the brain scans suggested that participants had improved cognition and were less emotionally avoidant. 

An online survey with over 500 participants found that most people were motivated to microdose to support their mental health, followed by personal development and cognitive enhancement.

A therapist shares that many of her mother clients want to microdose in order to better their parenting skills. This article provides an excellent description of what microdosing is. 

This study presents interviews with microdosers to uncover motivation and experience. 

A study published in August of 2020 describing the possible benefits of microdosing for those suffering from alzheimer's and dementia. 

Data from an online survey with over 6000 participants concluded that the benefits of microdosing outweighs any challenges. 

A study published in 2019 exploring data from hundreds of personal reports form those who have tried microdosing.

An Insider article reported statements from mothers they had interviewed sharing how microdosing made them better parents. 

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