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Photo of Danielle Daniel

Danielle Daniel -
Microdosing Coach 

Danielle was born and raised in Humboldt County and is dedicated to educating the community about the healing powers of psychoactive plants and fungi, along with providing support to community members during their path of healing.

For the last 10 years she has been studying psychedelics, along with personally benefiting through therapeutic exploration. She has experienced profound personal healing and fulfilment by working with psychoactive plants and fungi.

In May of 2021 Danielle received a Master of Arts in Sociology, with a focus on psilocybin mushrooms. Her thesis focused on those who took psilocybin mushrooms long-term, and explored the experience and motivation behind working with this medicine. You can read her thesis here


After completing her degree she spearheaded the decriminalization movement in Arcata, CA in May 2021. Danielle became the Lead Organizer of Decriminalize Nature Humboldt. On October 6th 2021 psychoactive plants and fungi were decriminalized in Arcata. Danielle stepped down from her Lead position in February 2022, in order to focus her energy on her offering as a microdosing coach. With the decriminalization of entheogens in Arcata, she is able to share her knowledge and experience about microdosing with those in the community that need guidance and support.

If you are interested in joining the microdosing program, please send an email to and a complimentary 15 minute intake phone call can be scheduled. You can also visit the Contact Danielle page to ask any questions you may have.

Please visit the Services & Rates page to answer any inquiries about compensation for the coaching. 

Educational Videos Featuring Danielle Daniel

This video is part of a longer interview where Danielle talks about her work, and the benefits of microdosing. 

This video is part of a longer interview where Danielle talks about the decriminalization of entheogens in Arcata, CA.

This video is part of a longer talk where Danielle shares different microdosing protocols.

Sessions can be done over zoom, on the phone, or in person within Arcata city limits.

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