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Microdosing Workshops

Every couple of months Danielle offers a microdosing workshop, where you will get hands-on experience learning how to make your own psilocybin mushroom microdoses. Private workshops are available to book, with a minimum of 5 people. Please contact Danielle for more information on how to book a private workshop. If you are interested in joining a future workshop, let Danielle know and she will put you on a list to be notified immediately when tickets become available. 


Bring Home all the tools

After the workshop, you will be bringing home with you three months worth of psilocybin microdoses, along with everything you need to make more microdoses at home: a scale, and a capsule filling machine.

How to microdose for healing

During the workshop Danielle will teach you about microdosing protocols, and how to microdose with intention. She will teach you important tools to gain deeper healing while on the microdosing journey. Included is a complimentary 30 minute support/integration session with her, to book when needed. 


You must be 21 years and over to book and attend a workshop. This age restriction is required to stay within the guidelines of the resolution that decriminalized entheogens in Arcata on Oct. 6th 2021. This in-person workshop would be located in Arcata, CA, where entheogens have been decriminalized. 

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